wordpress how to remove cart icon in menu

Removing WooCommerce Cart Icon from Header in Divi While there are plenty of setting options you can apply to style up your header in Divi, there is no option to remove the cart icon if you have WooCommerce installed and activated on your website. A little CSS snippet is needed to remove it. You can […]
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How To Completely Uninstall Woocommerce

There are two things to understand when uninstalling or removing WooCommerce. If you deactivate and delete the plugin from WordPress, you only remove the plugin and its files. Your settings, orders, products, pages, etc… will still exist in the database. If you need to remove ALL WooCommerce data, including products, order data, etc., you need to be able to modify the […]
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Ciri-ciri Unik Kami

Antara ciri-ciri unik laman web/sistem kami: * Sistem notification ke telegram group. – Pendaftaran Ahli – Setiap belian (Di shopping cart) – Setiap order – Custom made. Jadi admin tidak terlepas pandang lagi • Sistem 1 click share ke social media didalam member area dan statistik kempen (Ahli boleh tau promosi mana yg berkesan) • […]
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WordPress How To Remove Page Titles

WordPress how to remove page titles and the space it leaves edit this in your css for page .page .entry-header { display: none; } .page .entry-content h2 { margin-top: 0; } Note that this assumes the element just before the h2 (which is a “p” tag in this case) is a block level element with […]
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